FamilyPoint Resources engages our community in supportive relationships that build hope, meet needs, and transform lives.  We accomplish our mission by working toward mutual growth through listening, playing, and learning.


Our Community        Our Values       Our Goals


Mutual Growth:  At FamilyPoint we believe that we all have things to learn and things to teach, and that we all need each other to become whole.  When we come together, all knowing that we are discovering our journey together, all open to being changed by the experience, we can all grow in amazing new ways.

Listening:  Listening well is essential to loving each other and discovering how we can best serve and support the people around us.  When we listen well, we can help give voice to joys and hurts that often go unspoken, we can empower those who feel powerless, bring value to those who feel unloved, and be able to name and understand circumstances for what they really are, not just how they appear at first glance.

Playing:  Play is a unique way that we discover our world and explore new ways of being. It provides a temporary time and space that is distinct from reality with rules that come from a structured game or from imaginations navigating an unstructured story. During play healing, understanding, independence, and interdependence develop within each person giving them the confidence, hope, and experiences to positively affect their reality.

Learning:  Learning is a process seeking to better understand ourselves, others, and our world. When we learn we explore differences, we acquire knowledge, we make mistakes, we collaborate, and we utilize resources. All these actions equip us to participate in society, build healthy relationships, and create abundant communities.