FamilyPoint Resources is committed to empowering children and families in our community to overcome cycles of poverty, and in bringing people together from all sides of our community to build a stronger and more enriched neighborhood.  The Nottingham Park Area is a pocket of low-income apartments and condos tucked into the larger, generally more affluent West Houston community.  Though rich with diversity, the Nottingham Park Area has limited access to a number of important resources.  Roughly 85% of the families living in the area are considered low-income.

The Situation

The reality for many students in the Nottingham Park Area is that they start school behind, due to no fault of their own.  Different priorities, pressures, and lower exposures to a number of resources that help prepare children for school all come together to lead many students to have to play catch up from the moment they first walk into a school.  The same factors that start kids off behind, also lead to them being ill-equipped to keep pace with the demands of our education system.  The result is a large group of students that do not experience success in our schools and quickly begin to give up, not only on school, but also on themselves.  Even in communities with great schools like those in the Nottingham Park Area, this pattern is repeated over and over.


But there is hope.  Students who do not thrive in traditional academic settings often begin to thrive when given chances to excel in other areas.  When given the opportunity to explore talents through arts and athletics, when students consistently see they are valued by relationships with caring adults, and when students gain access to resources that they did not have before, things can start to change.  As skills, talents, and relationships develop, a child’s perspective of themselves and their future can begin to change.  This change often carries over into the classroom and other social settings, allowing students who had given up on themselves to see they can achieve more in their lives and contribute more to their community than they dreamed was possible.