Christmas is a season of hope, joy, giving, and celebration.  It is a time for sharing love and kindness, but as so many of us know, it is also a time that can turn just a bit "Awkward".  This year we are celebrating all of the wonderful and “Awkward” fun that the Holidays can be, and asking you to join us in that celebration, and in supporting the incredible work going on in our community through FamilyPoint Resources.

The Awkward 18

FamilyPoint Resources connects with children in our community in a number of amazing ways, all aimed at building relationships with students, and giving them the support they need to grow and reach the full potential they were created for.  Through Arts, Education, Sports, Summer Camps, The Nottingham Park Community Library, and other resources, we seek to strengthen and enrich the life of each child; making sure they know they are loved, valued, and have the ability to succeed in everything they do.  Walking in relationship with children is a long term investment.  Some children connect with FamilyPoint as early as kindergarten; and in 2016, for the first time, children who connected with us in elementary school will reach high school graduation.  As anyone who has kids can attest, there can be a lot of “Awkward” moments in helping students reach 18 and supporting them to graduation.  But that time can be amazing and rewarding as well, and it is a time that we at FamilyPoint are thankful to get to be a part of.  For a child in our community to be supported by the full range of FamilyPoint programs from kindergarten through high school graduation, it costs just over $18,000.  From now until the end of December we are attempting to raise that amount, $18,000, and we ask that you help.

Share Your Awkward Moments

Part of the fun of the Holidays is that we can all relate to how strange and “Awkward” they can get.  So, this year we are asking everyone to share your “Awkward” moments by sharing your “Awkward Christmas Photos,” whether they are staged or completely real.  By making a donation, sharing your photos, and following the steps below, you can help others to connect with and support FamilyPoint as well.  We will collect photos in the gallery on our website, so come back often to see all the “Awkward” moments.

1. Take and Post your “Awkwardly” Amazing Christmas Photo (post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. with a note a about FamilyPoint and #theawkard18 or one of the other hashtags below).

#awkwardholidayphotos, #FamilyPointResources, #IdonatedtoFamilyPointResourcesAwkward18

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2. Make a Donation to FamilyPoint 

3. Come Back Often and Keep Posting about FamilyPoint. (Come back and see all the Awkward moments in our gallery, keep posting about FamilyPoint until the end of the month, the more you share the more people will connect with and support FPR, and remember to include the hashtags).