Shaping Lives

The Nottingham Park Community Library has become a central hub in the community for both children and parents.  Each day after school and throughout the summer the space is filled with activity.  It is a place with access to computers, printers, and internet— all vital resources for today’s society.  It is a space where books are read, games are played, homework questions are answered, and imaginations run wild.  It is a time when children are surrounded by caring, invested adults who greet them with love, show them patience, and walk with them through the days.    It is a way to connect.  It is a place of healing, growth, and hope where over 50 children and parents a day begin to belong and take steps towards becoming who they were created to be. This place is a beautiful, challenging journey that is reshaping all of our lives.  


The Nottingham Park Community Library is run completely by the generosity of the people who live in and around our community, people like you.

Volunteers from our community allow us to build life changing relationships with students and families.  Donations allow us not only to provide quality resources and books for our community, but also to provide staff who continue to invest in lives of everyone that finds a home here. 


In 2015 the Nottingham Park Community Library will need roughly $100,000 to operate with a full staff, continue to upgrade our technology and literary resources, and offer amazing programs like Homework Help and Tutoring.  Every dollar you give helps us to continue to make the NPC Library a home for students in our community.

What makes the NPC Library a special place are the people that connect with and serve our community everyday.  More than volunteers, people who come into the library to serve became a part of a family.  We quickly find that helping to create a place of belonging for students in our community actually lets us all grow and walk together.  There is no limit to the number of volunteers that could connect with the community at the library through Homework Help, reading and playing games with students, shelving and processing books, and most importantly being a familiar and loving face for a child.  



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The NPC Library, with the help of more than 50 volunteers, made 600 hours of life changing resources and relationships available in our community.

The Library is a community hub that not only houses books and resources, but is also the home for our Homework Help, Tutoring, Creative Arts, and Summer Programs.  The library is the place where families come to register for sports teams, pick up Thanksgiving meals, meet with counselors,  and find help when they need it.  It is a place of connection and belonging.