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***Please be aware that if you give online by credit card, a percentage of your donation is lost in credit card fees.  You can give by bank draft through the same account, without any of your donation being lost to fees.


Specific Giving Ideas

Below are some great ways you can give to FamilyPoint to help support children in our community, anything you give is appreciated. (These are suggested donation amounts, funds will be put to use in areas of greatest need.)

The Total Package:  $1400

Cost of one student for a full year of FamilyPoint programs (3 Sports teams or 2 Arts after school programs, Homework Help, Tutoring, Camp Ozark, Summer Enrichment Activities, and Sports Skills Workshops).

After School Programs:  $300

Our after school programs provide homework help, tutoring, arts programs and other activities to students free or for a minimal charge.

One Sports Team:  $1500

The cost of teams varies between sports and age groups, but they average out at the above cost.

One Sports Registration:  $100

The cost for FamilyPoint to register one athlete to play one season in SBMSA or another area sports league.

Ozark Transportation:  $125

The cost of transporting one of our 90 camp Ozark scholarship recipients to and from camp.

One Summer Enrichment Camp:  $4000

Our summer enrichment camps include Creative Arts Camp, Theater Camp, Sports Camp, Summer Reading Program and others. They give area students chances to grow and learn in a supportive environment throughout the summer.

How To Give

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Oversight and accountability for financial issues are governed by a board of directors who are committed to using resources for maximum impact in our community, city and world.  FamilyPoint Resources is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all gifts are tax deductible.  You will receive a statement of your financial contributions for tax purposes.