FamilyPoint Is Excited To Announce...

Stephanie Hruzek As Our New Executive Director

The FamilyPoint Resources Board of Directors is excited to introduce Stephanie Hruzek as our new Executive Director.  Stephanie has been an integral part of FamilyPoint Resources since 2009, and has served as FamilyPoint's Education Director since 2010.

Stephanie is a graduate of the University of Texas, and has a Masters in Theological Studies from Houston Graduate School of Theology.  After graduating from UT, Stephanie taught in Japan for six years.  While there she developed a passion for educating students in holistic ways, while being sensitive to the strengths and limitations of their specific context.  After returning to Houston, in the Fall of 2009, Stephanie began to put her experiences and passion to work with FamilyPoint as a volunteer in our Homework Help program at Meadow Wood Elementary.  By the Spring, Stephanie was running Homework Help at Meadow Wood, and was soon hired as the FamilyPoint Education Director.

Since 2010, Stephanie has helped to shape and guide FamilyPoint as we have sought to meet needs in our community.  She is committed to the idea that we are all in need of each other to be whole, and that a community works best when we walk together through joys and difficulties, supporting each other and learning from each other along the way.  Given her wisdom, leadership, and commitment to our community, we feel like it is a natural step for Stephanie to become the next Executive Director of FamilyPoint Resources.  We know that the coming years will bring change and growth at FamilyPoint and in our community, and believe that Stephanie is the best person to lead our team through those changes.

Stephanie will become the Executive Director effective March 1, 2017.  She has already begun the process of transitioning into the role, and she will continue to work with Jason Roberts, our outgoing Executive Director, throughout the Spring to ensure the transition goes smoothly.

We are thankful for your continued support as we step into this time of change and growth, and are very excited to be a part of God's ongoing work in our community.