FPR SPEED Donations

FPR Speed is a program of FamilyPoint Resources.  Through FPR Speed we are able to create opportutnies for students from all sides of our community to participate in and grow through athletic training and competition.  We strive for students of all skill and experience levels to develop, improve, and excel at the highest level they can.  In order to insure that FPR Speed is an opportunity available to ALL STUDENTS in our community, regardless of background or financial situation, we are seeking donations and ongoing sponsorship.  We believe that it is important for both athletes and donors to be a part of a community, growing together to help shape a better future.  As such, we invite you to not only support FamilyPoint and FPR Speed financially, but to fully engage with us on the journey building and strengthening our community.

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If you are interested in ongoing Sponsorship of FPR Speed, please talk to Brandon Stribling by clicking here.

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