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Monthly partnerships can go a long way

Small gifts each month, as little as $30 a month (or less than a family trip to the movies), can make a huge difference to students in our community.  Please consider giving, the amounts below are suggestions, but you can give whatever amount you would like.  Every dollar makes a difference and helps to Grow Something Big In Our Community

$30 Each Month: Covers participation costs for one extracurricular activity for one student.

$50 Each Month: Makes the Nottingham Park Community Library available to one student for a month.

$120 Each Month: Covers the full cost of participation for one student in all FamilyPoint programs for a month.

Growing Something Big

In 2015, FamilyPoint has served over 80 students a day through the Nottingham Park Community Library, has had 120 sports team registrations (in baseball/softball and track), has students enrolled in Karate, Dance, Theatre, Art, Reading, Homework Help, and Recreation programs, and has served roughly 250 different Nottingham Park Area students each month!

Creating consistent places and programs where relationships are built and strengthened is essential to helping students in our community create a bright and hope filled future.  But creating consistency requires consistent resources, resources that allow for staff, facilities, volunteers, and programs to be ready to offer love and belonging to students all the time.  Unfortunately, the world of non-profit resources is not always consistent.  But you can help FamilyPoint create a more consistent flow of resources, by creating a recurring monthly gift.

Each month it costs FamilyPoint close to $20,000 to provide the facilities, staff, and resources needed to create space and relationships for students in the Nottingham Park Area (apart from specific program costs like sports registration fees).  By creating a monthly gift, you can help us to reach our goal of having half that cost met each month through recurring giving.