Growing Forward

Celebrating An Amazing 2015

In 2015 FamilyPoint Learned and Grew in a Number of Ways...

We saw the number of students connected with FamilyPoint grow.  

At the Nottingham Park Community Library we saw the number of students rise from 45-50 each day in late 2014 to 80-100 each day at the end of 2015.  We also had over 300 sports registrations (the most we have ever had in a single year), and saw over 100 more students connected with us across all programs in 2015 than there were in 2014.

We grew to connect more deeply with families.

In 2015 we worked to build new and ways for us to support and connect with parents, including Trips to Farmers Markets, Second Friday Parent's Night Out, Education Support Forum, and a deepening relationship with CrossWalk Houston.

We began to relearn how to best support our students.

In 2015 we moved all of our programs to the Outreach Center of West Houston (home of the Nottingham Park Community Library), no longer running programs on campus at area schools.  By doing so we are better able to utilize our resources and create deeper, more fun, educational support experiences.  At the NPCL we have expanded Homework Help to be four days a week, instead of two, and to focus on every student PK-High School), not just 4th and 5th graders.  We have also added a number of after school clubs, where students and a leader exploring learning and growing together. 

We reshaped and grew on an organizational level.

We spent time revisiting our Mission Statement, and reshaped it to better reflect who we are and how we hope to work in our community.  We also spent time better articulating our organizational Values and Goals.  In addition to working to better understand who we are and what we do, we also worked to move toward a more sustainable future as we continue to serve our community.  In doing so, we reshaped our board (creating an Advisory Board and Executive Board) and created new fundraising avenues, including Monthly Giving and the Community Circle.