Sports are an important way that FamilyPoint Resources helps area students to connect into supportive relationships, learn new skills, and develop the confidence they need to shape a better future.  By partnering with local sports leagues, we help area students with close to 300 registrations each year.  For most of those students the opportunity FamilyPoint provides is the only access point to participate in Track, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Soccer, and Basketball.  These opportunities are essential to building lasting relationships with students and families that help us to provide ongoing support as students grow and develop.

Our Lockers From Leaders Campaign is a chance for you to help FamilyPoint continue to make sports participation available to the students in our community.  Your donation of $150 covers the cost of equipment and registration for a student for one sports season.  As a part of your donation, you will receive a name plate on one of our lockers in the Nottingham Park Community Library, recognizing your support of FamilyPoint’s Sports Programs in 2016.*

Our first sports team was a baseball team in 2007.  The 2016 season marks our 10th baseball season.  Over the past 10 years we have helped with over 2,000 sports registrations.  Please help us to continue to connect area students with sports.

*2016 name plates will remain on lockers until the 2017 Lockers From Leaders Campaign.Minimum donation of $150 is required to receive locker recognition.

Your $150 Donation

Covers the costs for one student to participate in one sports season.  Become a Leader by donating through the links below.

Our Lockers were a generous gift from the Memorial Athletic Club.