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Annual Fundraising Luncheon POSTPONED

FamilyPoint Resources' Annual Fundraising Luncheon, originally scheduled for Wednesday, October 4th, has been postponed due to the impact of Hurricane Harvey on our community. This event allows us to gather together each fall to celebrate the impact of our programs on our community and to thank all the amazing volunteers and supporters who make what we do possible. It also allows us to raise almost half of our annual operating budget, so we can continue to provide enriching opportunities, not otherwise available, to children in our community. The Fundraising Luncheon is essential to our ability to continue to serve our community; however, the scheduled date is no longer appropriate as many families in our community who have lost their homes must focus on rebuilding and as the Nottingham Park Community Library is being repaired from rain damage.

When the time is right, we will reschedule the event as a way for us all to gather to celebrate this amazing community and how it is overcoming the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey. It will be a time to meet, a time for hope, and a time to share stories of transformed lives.