FamilyPoint partnered with Blue Willow Bookshop in 2010 to begin filling the void left in our community when the Kendall Branch Library relocated to Eldridge.   Since we ‘Launched the Library’ we have remodeled the space and filled it with close to 8,000 books for toddlers through adults.  Patrons also have free access to the internet, computers, iPads, and games. The Nottingham Park Community Library has become a hub in the community; a place where students are safe, where they can receive love from volunteers, and where parents can gather around their children.

Part of what makes our library unique is that it is completely privately funded, with no government or public support.  As we seek to expand hours and space, and make the library resource more available to high school students and adults, we need the continued support of the community around us.  Please consider becoming a Library Supporter.

Library Hours:


1PM Open for Adults and Registrations
3PM Open for all students
3-4PM Free Snacks served
4-5PM Homework Help available
5PM Library Closes to Elementary Students not in a club
6PM Library Closes

Become a Library Supporter:

Click Here to become a Library Supporter.  Donations over $5,000 will be recognized on the Library Supporters Wall.