Our Goals

1.  For every child in our community to…
    -believe they are loved
    -believe they belong
    -embrace their voice and power to make change
    -develop a strong and healthy sense of identity

2.  Help shape a community where all sides come together to support each other.  Characterized by    
     involvement, investment, friendships, diversity, appreciation, and pride.

3.  For every child in our community to develop full literacy and a love of learning (including academic, technological, and social and cultural literacy)

4.  For every child in our community to develop strong and healthy social relationships and skills, including:
    -Conflict Resolution
    -Cultural Inclusivity
    -Personal Responsibility
    -Empathy and Social Responsibility

5.  To engage family structures and the entire community as influencing on a child’s life. Working toward families and a community that are healthy and caring for
     children, focusing on:

    -Physical Health
    -Alleviation of Toxic Stress
    -Mental and Emotional Health
    -Spiritual Health and Support