Our Values

Poverty is a measure of social, emotional, spiritual, relational, physical AND economic well being:

We have a tendency in our world to take a narrow definition of poverty, one that focuses solely on economic conditions, and does not take into account other areas of life.  At FamilyPoint we believe poverty is the state of not being loved rightly, and when we are not loved in the ways we need to be it can damage our well being socially, emotionally, spiritually, relationally, physically, as well as economically.  Through this view of poverty we believe that we are all impoverished in some way, that there are ways which each person is not rightly loved.  We all have needs created by our poverty, and we all need other people to help meet those needs.  We also believe that we all experience God's love through having our needs met, and that because of this, meeting needs is an important part of building God's Kingdom.


We are created for community and shaped through relationships:

We believe that God is a communal God and has designed us to live in communal dependence on God and our neighbors.  We need each other to be whole.  Without the love that comes through community, our well being suffers.  Community is developed and grown by a conscious effort to engage in interdependent relationships that meet needs for the creation of beauty, value, and justice.


Inherent value of all people:

God created all people with value, everyone matters.  While this statement seems simple, for so many it is not a reality that they understand and live in.  To be told that you matter, and shown that you have value in a repeated and consistent manner is essential to seeing and knowing yourself as human.  In believing everyone matters to God, we also believe that God is committed to all people, and that we should be also.  We seek to avoid labeling people, as labels limit people and do not reflect the beauty and value God has bestowed.  Instead, we desire to help everyone know that they are essential, and that we all belong to one another for the glory of God.


Importance of Play and Opportunity

Play is an extremely important developmental activity for children of all ages.  During play healing, understanding, independence, and interdependence develop within each person giving them the confidence, hope, and experiences to positively affect their reality.  But for many, opportunities to play and to experience success are limited, particularly for students growing up with increased levels of toxic stress (stresses that arise from not having a safe and stable environment in which basic needs are met).  Opportunities to play, grow, learn, develop skills, and experience success can have a transformative impact on children, creating hope and a new lens through which to see and understand themselves and the world.


God is the source of life and the orchestrator of all transformation

We believe that God is the central sustainer of all life.  Through God we derive our meaning and purpose.   We also believe that while many people do not live in connected relationship with God, that God is always at work in the life of every individual, whether they are aware of it or not.  As such, the work that FamilyPoint does is not our own, we are simply called to join God in work that is already in progress.