2019 FPR College Scholarships

FamilyPoint Resources 2019 Scholarship Application

FamilyPoint Resources has been engaging in relationships to meet needs, build hope, and transform the lives of children and youth in West Houston since 2007. We believe in creating supportive relationships and opportunities that aide in breaking cycles of poverty. We believe poverty to be a state of existence when one or more necessary resources are lacking and therefore, become an obstacle in a child’s life and a child’s ability to flourish. Through our programs we strive to empower children, and their families, to overcome challenges and embrace new opportunities, ultimately shaping them into flourishing adults who break cycles of poverty, build healthy relationships, create abundant communities, and positively impact their world. We believe a love of learning, strong character, and compassion for others are critical pieces of successful adults. In response to the obstacles facing youth after high school, in 2018 we created a College & Career Readiness program to help prepare high school students for life after high school. In 2019, we created a FPR College Scholarship fund to be used for tuition, fees, books, room and board, or for other items required by your technical school, college, or university.

In the fall of 2018, FamilyPoint Resources received the True Inspiration Award from Chick-fil-A. Receiving this award allowed us to maintain our programs and set aside funds to start a FamilyPoint College Scholarship, which we intend to continue to grow in order to further support and empower children and youth in our programs.

In 2019, FamilyPoint Resources will award scholarships, either under the FPR Founders Scholarship or the Jason Roberts Scholarship, to deserving applicants. All applications will be reviewed by a volunteer committee. Scholarships will be awarded based upon the following criteria:

  • acceptance and enrollment into technical school, college, or university for the fall of 2019

  • individual’s financial need

  • involvement with FamilyPoint

  • completion of FPR Scholarship Application

  • received FPR Scholarship Application Additional Documents which include:

    • 1 letter of recommendation from a school teacher (use link below)

    • 1 letter of recommendation from a parent/guardian, mentor, or employer (use link below)

    • 1 letter of recommendation from FPR staff (use link below)

    • Complete high school transcript

    • additional documents can be emails to info@familypointresources or dropped off to FamilyPoint Resources at 725 Bateswood Dr, 77079

Application Due Date: May 3, 2019

Scholarship Recipient Announcement: May 20, 2019

Celebration Date: TBA

If you are selected to receive a scholarship, you will be provided with instructions and a disbursement form to claim your scholarship. FPR Scholarships will provide assistance for 2 consecutive years, dispersed in August of 2019 and 2020. In some cases, these funds may be considered by the Internal Revenue Service as taxable income. Please consult your tax advisor.